How to Use Instagram Stories Highlights Like an Influencer

Instagram Stories Highlights

What are Instagram Stories Highlights?

If you use Instagram, you’re probably already familiar with Instagram Stories. They’re short pictures or videos that disappear after 24 hours. But Instagram Stories Highlights are clips and outtakes of Stories that can be grouped together into collections. They are shown on your profile and will stay there until you delete them. But why are they important for your business profile?

Highlights let brands separate their content and show the most important stuff first. They’re a good way to draw attention to yourself or your business by drawing special attention to your product.

Instagram Stories Highlights

How to Use the Stories Archive

Instagram Stories Highlights are good for grouping and organizing stories that you want your followers to see first. But, before you start creating and sharing all of those amazing highlights, you need to know how to create and save them first!

Similar to Memories on Snapchat, Instagram has added a Stories Archive feature. The Archive feature will save your stories into the Instagram cloud. Why is this important? Well, it removes the risk of losing valuable content just because you forgot to save it. As long as you keep the autosaving feature on, your highlights will automatically be stored into the cloud and you can re-share them as much as you want!

This new option will keep your stories and video clips saved, rather than deleting them after 24 hours. Stories that are stored in the archive will only be visible to you until you decide to share them. Stories should automatically be stored in the archive where you can see them, add them to your highlights or share them as a new post.

Create Your Instagram Stories Highlights

Now that you’ve set up your Stories Archive, you’re ready to make your own Instagram Story Highlights!

Highlights are shown on your profile, above your posts. They look like a Story feed but they only show special content that you decided to showcase. And again, they’re there until you decide to delete or change them.

As Instagram explained, to make your very own Highlight you need to go to your profile and click on the plus icon next to “Story Highlights”. Select a story or stories that you want to showcase and click ”Next”. Then choose a title and a cover photo. You can even add a thumbnail and make an order in which you want your Highlights to be shown!

If you want to edit or delete a Highlight, you can do that by tapping on it and holding it until you see the option to delete.

Instagram Stories Highlights

Use Instagram Stories Highlights to Attract Customers

You can group Highlights into categories or topics to make it easy and accessible for your audience to see stuff that interests them. Highlights will add a lot of value to your content and your feed. You can use them to highlight your product, promote content, partners or influencers or simply to show off your skills and content. The possibilities are endless! And for everything else, there’s always GramGrowth!