SocialDrift Review & Alternatives (HELP it’s been shutdown!)

SocialDrift Review & Alternatives (HELP it’s been shutdown!)

UPDATE August 22nd
Despite being shut down by Instagram last month — After doing some basic research it appears SocialDrift is trying to game Instagram!

If you load Social Drift from a country outside of America you will notice that you can simply sign up and it works perfectly for you.

So from my understanding, Social Drift is trying to trick Instagram into believing they are complying with their request to close — However they have only stopped accepting customers in the USA (Where Facebook Inc, & Instagram are based).

You can easily turn on a VPN and sign up for Social Drift.

I would proceed with extreme caution when signing up to Social Drift, as Instagram (‘Facebook Inc’) has ordered them to close down for legal reasons.

I would recommend using a reliable, trusted and compliant growth service that will not harm your Instagram in anyway.

UPDATE July 31st

SocialDrift is not accepting new customers due to operational changes.

This is the message that greeted SocialDrift‘s customers this morning.

This might come as a shock to many — but it’s nothing new. These types of services are regularly shut down by Instagram. In April 2018, Instagress was closed and masses of people went looking for an alternative — and since then, many services have followed suit and been forced to close on a regular basis. Just a few weeks ago, Boostfy was shutdown.

Most people just jump from one service to another. The key is to find an effective replacement that isn’t risky.

The operations over at SocialDrift had a murky background at best. And now they have been shutdown alongside their other websites such as ViralUpgrade and Instaheap. So finding an alternative isn’t the worst thing that can happen to you in this case.

Easier said than done.

Best SocialDrift Alternatives

I’ve been around the Internet space for 20 years now, so naturally, I’ve seen a lot of companies come and go.

If you’re searching for a replacement for this tool with a similar site or service, or you’re simply looking for an alternative, I’ve reviewed all the top service providers for Instagram, and these are the ones that have stood out to me.

1. GramGrowth

Our Favorite Instagram Service.

I absolutely love this service! As it it ours (hehe).

GramGrowth is an organic growth company for Instagram. This means they don’t spam your account with fake followers. All followers are real and attained through legitimate engagement.

Extensive testing of providers on our end showed that GramGrowth provided the largest levels of real growth in the shortest space of time.

2. LikeSocial

Automatic Instagram Likes

LikeSocial is our secret technique.

People like to follow popular accounts. That’s a fact. Make your account more popular with this agency that provides likes for you every single time you upload a new post!

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