Signing up for a Free Instagram Bot Trial

Signing up for a Free Instagram Bot Trial

Have you ever wondered how some people manage to keep their accounts active and growing even though they’re super busy? What’s the catch? The catch is in Instagram bot tools, and more specifically – Gram Growth! So let’s learn how to use this free Instagram bot trial!

What are bot tools

Bot tools are smart little programs that can do all sorts of things for you. From liking and commenting on posts to following and messaging people, a bot tool is a great feature for a busy bee who doesn’t have a lot of time to manage their presence on Instagram, but who still wants to stay active and grow their following fast.

Gram Growth is an Instagram automation tool that is powerful, reliable and smart! In order to give the user a clean and easy experience, Gram Growth was made and designed with a lot of careful planning and thought.

How to sign up for our free Instagram bot trial

free instagram bot trial

If you’re curious about Gram Growth but you don’t want to commit to paying yet, don’t worry! You can try out our service for 3 days straight and drop it for whatever reason, or continue using it for a reasonable price.

To sign up for the free Instagram bot trial, you should first go to the sign-up page. You need to register with your e-mail address and password. Then you have to add your Instagram account’s name and password. Your account can be verified by typing in the 6 digit code that Instagram sent to your e-mail address. And that’s it, you’re good to go!

Now you should give some instructions to the bot! Choosing what hashtags to follow in the hashtag section will make the bot like posts on that hashtag. So there’s a good chance that an Instagram user – or their bot – will return the like or even a follow!

As for the follows, you can choose to monitor popular people and have Gram Growth follow or like posts on their follow list. This makes it easier for people with similar interests to get connected and exchange a like or two.

There are a lot more options that you can explore – from promotions and scheduling posts to leaving automatic comments and direct messages. And if you want to know even more about how to use our free Instagram bot trial, check out our video guide!

Stay secure

Now even though bot tools are reliable and convenient, you should know that they go against Instagram’s official guidelines, so make sure not to abuse them. You can do this by trying to make your bot appear like a real person. So avoid spamming and leaving too many comments and likes. Uploading too many photos or liking too many posts can come off as suspicious and uploading other people’s content without their permission is not good either. Try to be creative with automated comments and definitely don’t use the same captions on your posts twice. Try to avoid using multiple bot tools or liking too many posts yourself.


free instagram bot trial

After selecting all of your bot settings, you don’t have to do much but occasionally visit the page and monitor how the Instagram Bot is doing and how much it has covered. You can treat our system like an Instagram messenger and monitor your comments and direct messages directly on the page as well!

The rest is up to us so just sit back, relax and watch the likes and follows come through!

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