How to schedule posts on Instagram

How to schedule posts on instagram

How to schedule posts on instagram

Anyone that has been around the Instagram game for a little while has asked: “how to schedule posts on Instagram?”.

Mainly, because they know that there are a couple of rules to follow if you want to keep your account alive and growing. Being active and posting is one of those rules. If you’re not someone who interacts with your user base, you’re going to start to lose followers and fall out of touch with your audience in time. So it’s important to stay active and post regularly. But as we all know, life can get pretty busy and that gets in the way. So what then? How can you save time and still stay in touch with your audience? Well, that’s where scheduling posts come in! Yes, you’ve heard it right – there is a way to plan and queue your posts! Let’s learn how to schedule posts on Instagram!

As of now, Instagram doesn’t have an official feature for scheduling posts, but there are a lot of tools and apps that will do this for you. And while not officially endorsed, they are great until the real thing comes along.


Choose your tool

If you want to know how to schedule posts on Instagram and plan your Instagram activities, you first have to pick the platform that you’re going to do it from. There are a lot of options, but we’ll stick to the best and most reliable ones.

The first is obviously Gram Growth, our tool! Gram Growth is an Instagram bot that is the best answer to everyone asking “How to schedule posts on Instagram”. Gram Growth is a great option not only because it features a free post scheduling tool. Gram Growth also is a great marketing tool for small businesses and influencers. You can learn more here.

The Second option is Buffer. Buffer is a platform that’s available on both the computer and as a mobile app. It doesn’t just support Instagram – it can manage Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest. Buffer also tracks analytics, so you can track useful things like what your audience likes and when the best time to post is. Buffer also has an option to upload and post videos. Another platform similar to Buffer is Hootsuite.

There is also Later. With Later, you can post 30 posts a month for free, even bulks of posts at the same time! It works on the computer and as an app. Later has the option to search and repost other posts and even plan and schedule your Tweets! And if you decide to get an upgrade, you can schedule videos and add multiple users to your account as well.

All 3 of these services are great complimentary services to Gram Growth. Staying active and marketing your Instagram can lead to great engagement and a growing audience!

How to Schedule Posts on Instagram With Buffer

If you want to use Buffer, you need to download the app or go to their website. Then simply enter your email and password and choose a network to connect to. If you chose Instagram, you need to allow the authorization for Buffer. Then just follow the official Buffer guide and you’re set!

How to schedule posts on instagram

Analyze your competition

This might not seem that important at first but by following people with similar interests or businesses, you can gather info on how your competitors are doing and make your own marketing strategy by observing others. Looking at how many followers they have, what and when they post and what kind of feedback they get can be really useful data for you and your business. You can do this yourself or you could let the tools we mentioned do it for you!

Find the best time to post

As with everything in life, timing on Instagram is very important too! Keeping track of when people are the most active can be quite useful. Again, platforms can calculate this for you pretty easily but, it’s still good to keep in mind that the best time to post is usually at 6 and 7:30 pm PST during the week and at 11 am PST during the weekend.

Schedule your post!

So now that you know how to schedule posts on Instagram, just write down a description, put down a couple of readable hashtags and you’re good to go!