Instagress Has Disappeared. Now what? Gram Growth!

Instagress social media superpower.

Instagress is gone. Here’s what to do if you had an account on Instagress?

What to do now that Instagress is gone?

In the rare event that your Instagram account was connected to their platform, it’s smart to do following for greater account security:

1. Change your Instagram password.

2. Create a new account username if possible.

Say hello to Gram Growth: An Instagram Marketing Automation Growth Tool

The best Instagram bot that you can use for your own accounts is Gram Growth, which works better on average and your account following will see explosive growth Gram Growth consequently follows, likes, comments, unfollows and so forth based on the audience you select.

GramGrowth highlights:

Simple Audience Targeting similar to Instagress

Location Targeting

Follower Statistics/Analytics

Automatic engagement

Liking Features

User Safety Tracker, to keep your current followings safe.

Multi-Account Support

Conversion Rates Stats

Simple and Easy to Understand Dashboard

Multiple Options for following, liking, and unfollowing

A 3 free day free trial, just like Instagress!

Gram Growth free trial vs Instagress's
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Instagram Bot Change Is Good

It’s clear that Instagress is gone. But with every change in a market, new companies rise. Gram Growth is cheaper and has more features than former Instagress users could possibly dream of. It is now possible to manage your entire IG account from a single place and create a time-sensitive workflow that results in more followers, likes, engagements and leads to success for businesses and upcoming influencers. If you’re looking for a replacement, Gram Growth might be what you’re looking for at a price that’s more competitive than anything else out there. Save money, get followers, and get back into the groove of Instagram bot’ing and marketing. If you are still unsure, we recommend going and checking out our free 3-day trial.
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