Getting Started

Using an Instagram like bot can be a great way to gain followers. But most Instagrammers don’t understand how or why they work. Before we dive into all the gritty details, go test out an Instagram like bot and gain more followers here. if you’re interested in testing one out, Gram Growth is a great option.

What Does an Instagram Like Bot Do?

An Instagram like bot goes through Instagram users and likes their photos through the account you are promoting. Just imagine for a second that you could hire someone to hold your phone and go through and like photos of other Instagram users. Well, that’s what an Instagram like bot does. Obviously, without having to hire someone to do it for you.

The photos an Instagram like bot likes can be anywhere from a year old to just a few hours old. When you like a photo, it notifies the user in their notification tab of the Instagram app. For some users, they’ll even receive a notification showing that you have liked one of their photos.

This probably sounds underwhelming and you might still be wondering “Why do my accounts liking someone’s photos help me?”. Honestly, it’s a great question, one that I asked the first time I heard of an Instagram bot service. The simplest explanation, in my opinion, is that liking other users photo creates curiosity. In return, users will visit your gallery. Many of these visitors will, in fact, follow your account! In this case, the number of visitors that actually follow you depends on a series of factors. If you’re interested in maximizing the number of visitors that follow you, check out our article on maximizing visitor conversions.

For a more simple explanation, watch our explainer video on how this service works here.
You can also visit Gram Growth’s “How it works” webpage. It goes into depth on bots and how they can help grow your account. Just click here for a deeper look.