If you haven’t read our last blog, we highly recommend you do so before reading any further Instagram botting. It is important to understand how Instagram bots work before you can know what conversion is.

Maximize Instagram Botting

There are a variety of options that lead to higher conversion rates. We are going to cover them to help you can start Instagram Botting right and maximize output from Gram Growth.

Photo Quality

When using an Instagram account, improving photo quality is very important. If you do not have great photos why would someone follow you? The most popular Instagrammers are clearly very talented. (i.e. Target) If you are a business, hire a professional photographer to take photos that look great and convert better. If that’s not an option, do your best to create beautiful photos with your smartphone. We’ll release a blog on creating high-quality images with a smartphone soon.

Importance of Instagram Photo Quality
Great photo make Instagram bots work better. Post great photos to get more likes, followers, and overall results.


When editing photos it’s important to edit photos with the same color scheme. This creates a gallery that is cohesive when viewing the grid. View the photo below and you’ll instantly understand that coloring is one of the single most important factors when Instagram Botting.

Instagram Botting and Coloring
Coloring your Instagram photos in a similar way is very important

Vibe or Genre

It’s important to pick a single genre to capitalize on. A few example are landscape, cityscape, social, portraiture, fashion, diving, surfing, fitness, and so many others e don’t have time to list them. Picking a genre is important because it gives you a clear audience to target. Creating an audience that has the same interest is what develops a great following. This is why it is so important when it comes to Instagram Botting.

Instagram Categories
Picking a category when Instagramming is very important.

Other Important Instagram Botting Factors


Instagram bio tell a lot about an account. Whether it’s your age, gender, interests, or personality, they can all be conveyed in a creative bio. We have yet to compare conversion from one accounts bio to another. This is why we are not including it above. However, we still find this to be very important. But a quick few tips would be to keep it clean, simple, and show share something about yourself. People like to feel connected to those who they follow.


When Instagram botting, targeting is important. But it does not affect conversion. Targeting and bot settings are something we plan to cover in a separate post considering the importance and complexity of the options.