Comment Messenger

Dive into the multitude of features that accompany Gram Growths Comment Messenger

Comment Messenger Features

Managing your Instagram just got a whole lot easier!


Like comments and remind all those engaged users you’re still out there killing your Instagram game! Staying engaged is vital so sign up for Gram Growth and get those users liking more often!


Reply to users who comment on posts. Whether you are thanking them or answering a questions, these replies help to game the Instagram algorithm and get you more engagement! 


Flag comment important to you. As a business this may be a upset customer and as an influencer it may be a loving follower. Either way they deserve a response and to be turned into loyal followers. 


After flagging or responding to a comments you can tap resole. This will hide the comment from your messenger which will keep things streamlined and organized. 

Stay engaged with your audience and get

Gram Growth is built for more than just getting followers. It’s built to save our customers time. Reach out to more and save time with the Best Instagram time management service!

Comment Messenger Uses

Make your life easier. Save time and get more engagement by streamlining your engagement process with Gram Growth’s Instagram Bot. 

Flag Comments

Flag important comments to mark the ones that matter most! Keep compliments out of the way and mark potential partners or upset customers!

Resolve Comments

Already responded, thanked, or resolved a comment? Then just tap resolve and the comment will be hidden from the dashboard. This helps to keep your comments organized. 


Liking a comment on Instagram  is a great way of nudging previously engaged users and letting them know you’re still there. We know engagement matter and that’s why Liking is a great feature.

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With The #1 Instagram Commenter

Comment management allows you to streamline your service an grow your following organically.

How It Helps You

Turning your social media game onto the next level is the first step to any successful business. Comment management and user retention are an Important first step!

Loyal Followers

Having more Instagram followers is cool but nothing looks quite as dumb as a Instagrammer with 200K followers and an average like count of 15. Getting that like count up into the low thousands is what is most important and gram Growth Comment messenger is what does it. Engaging with your audience is what matters most, it is also how most are able to maintain a great like to follow ratio. 

Saved Time

Running a small business and creating great content is hard! Save time using Gram Growth. By managing everything from one well laid out simple to use service it allows individuals to maintain a great time management system. If you are busy running around and getting anxiety trying to respond to all those comments, use Gram growth to maximize your time and relieve stress.


Being free is sometimes equated with happiness. Gram Growth is the key here. ave time and get off your phone! Spend time with your family and friends by streamlining your work process. Gram Growth is great for Instagram users who are tired of all the time it takes to keep up a great profile.