How Do
Instagram Bots Work?

Learn how Instagram bots can help you obtain more organic and real followers!

Getting Started

Connect to Instagram

To access Gram Growth's awesome features you first need to login into Instagram. We will not and do not save your password and login information. The connection is needed to automate, likes, comments, schedule posts, and plan all other kinds of engagements that Gram Growth's great service offers!

Choose Settings

Once you have connected you Instagram account to our bot you will need to pick features to use. We have a variety of options that you can find out more about below. But to start, we recommend using Promotion and Post Scheduling. This will get you more real followers and simplify your posting process.


After you have selected your settings there isn't much to do other than occasionally monitor the Instagram Bot. If you are running Direct messaging, or using the comment messenger then it's great to stay up to date with your followers and stay engaged with them. In that case our system can be treated like a messenger for Instagram.



Automatically like users posts. This causes them to visit your page and many will follow you.

Follow and Unfollow

Following and unfollowing is the best way to gain new followers and build an engaged audience.


Leave a message on users gallery or simply give them a comment. The options are endless.

Direct Message

Automate Direct Messages like Archie co. Send users a message or link with a 100% read rate.

Comment Messenger

Our commetn messenger is the best Instagram customer management tool. Stay connected with you followers.

Buy Likes

Want to trend on hashtags? Buy likes to boost yourself ahead the rest and get seen by more REAL Instagram users.

Post Scheduler

Tired of posting every day? Schedule Instagram posts from your computer a month in advance and save time.

Multiple Accounts

If you manage multiple Instagram Accounts we can handle all of them. Just add as many as you want.

Profile Editing

Update your profile photo, status, link, and more wth our completely free profile editing tool.

Just Sit Back and Relax

Not only is Gram Growth the most affordable and powerful Instagram automation tool on the market. But it’s also the most intuitive! We’ve spent countless hours perfecting a powerful and easy to use system built for people just like you!

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Explainer Video

Watch our explainer video to learn all about how our service works. It goes into depth about how we help you gain more followers, likes, and get you on track for fame and success. If you still have questions, join our free 3 day trial and see for yourself!

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Gram Growth is the #1 Instagram automation marketing and post scheduling tool. Gram Growth does everything you could possibly want it to do and not only that, it is beautifully designed and extremely intuitive to use. Join our trial, get free followers, likes, and see for yourself.