Great ways to use Instagram Collections

use Instagram Collections

In 2016, Instagram made it possible for their users to save their favorite pictures into groups and Instagram collections.

Instagram now allows you to save individual posts into collections. When you see a new picture, you can add it into your collections by tapping the bookmark icon in the bottom right corner of the page. Then, a ‘Save to collection’ window will pop up, and you can add that picture to a new or old collection. You can access your collections by going to your profile and clicking on the same bookmark icon above your posts.

Similar to the popular website for saving pictures – Pinterest, it’s possible to have multiple organized collections. The main difference between Pinterest and Instagram collections is that Instagram collections are for your eyes only, while on Pinterest you can allow other people to see them and see their saved collections as well.

Your saved posts are also saved in your Instagram Insights metric. Yes, that’s right!

To access them and see how many people saved your posts, you need to switch to your business profile. From there, you can open Instagram Insights by clicking on the graph icon in the top right corner of your profile.  Scroll down and click on ‘’See More’’, then adjust filters so they show only your saved posts.

use Instagram Collections

Instagram says that 46 percent of their users have saved at least one post into a collection, since the service was created in December 2016. Since collections are private, there seems to be no monetization strategy, except that it’s easier to save and return to a sponsored post.

Copying Pinterest aside, collections are not a bad idea at all. Why not offer people a better way to organize things they like or want to go back to in the future?

use Instagram Collections

How can Instagram collections be useful to you?

If you’re an active user and post a lot, you’ll inevitably need a bit of inspiration. Collections make it easy to save what inspires you, so you can go back to those posts when you want to see something new.

It’s also a good way to keep track of people that post similar things as you. The Instagram game never stops so it’s important to know what your competition is doing, and how they’re doing it. If they’re doing something new, you need to know about it – and save it for future reference!

If there’s an influencer you want to work with, you can save their posts as a reference to them, or to just track their work. The work from your competitors can be inspiring for your own marketing too.

All you have to do is make a collection. Narrowing it down to a specific topic can also be inspiring and useful. And if you have a team that works with you, you can share that collection with them for inspiration or as a guideline!

Your Instagram collections can hold that, and so much more. From stuff that inspires you to recipes, guides, useful tips and tricks as well as marketing and sponsored posts.

We all need a little inspiration in our lives, and collections are making it easy to save what inspires you.