How to Gram Growth Effectively

How to Gram Growth

If you’ve been on Instagram for a while, you’ve probably noticed that some accounts manage and grow their following really fast. Their success has a lot to do with being active. Commenting, liking and following will draw attention to your profile and make people check out your posts. However we don’t always have time to engage with millions of followers. So what’s the solution?

The first solution is to hire a social media manager – a person who will manage your profile for you. They probably won’t be faster or more efficient but they’ll do it so you don’t have to. But is there something that’s all of these things, something that will manage your account accurately and efficiently? Yes – it’s Gram Growth!

Gram Growth is a useful tool that makes everything automatic. By automatically liking, commenting and following people, Gram Growth will essentially autopilot your account. You can choose which one of these options you want to use, write out default comments and choose the time you want to post – or let Gram Growth do these things for you, even while you sleep!

But while Gram Growth is a powerful tool, we need to be mindful of spamming, because it could result in a ban or a restriction. So before learning how to sign up for our trial, let’s learn how to Gram Growth effectively.

How to Gram Growth

How to Gram Growth Effectively

Here are the options that Gram Growths provides for account management while taking into account spamming and real people behavior:

Liking posts

Gram Growth will save you a lot of time by liking posts for you! Just enter a hashtag or a person you want monitored and Gram Growth will periodically like posts. This results in people visiting your page and liking your posts back!

Following and unfollowing accounts

Gram Growth will calculate the best accounts to follow based on your input. The people you follow will most likely follow you back.


You can set up pre-made messages that Gram Growth will leave on pictures.

Direct Messages

You can send out automatic DM’s! A good example is an automated greeting message every time someone follows you.

How to Gram Growth

Comment Messenger

We also provide a comment messenger tool which will help you stay connected with your followers.

Buying Likes

If you want to have popular posts that drive engagement, you can buy likes to boost your account and get noticed by other users.

Scheduling Posts

Remembering to post at a specific time can be so tiring, but there is a solution! Gram Growth can schedule up posts even months ahead of time.

Multiple Accounts

If you have multiple accounts that you want managed, don’t worry – Gram Growth can monitor multiple accounts at the same time!

Profile Editing

And of course, you can update your photo or profile description any time you want!


In conclusion when you know how to Gram Growth, it becomes a powerful tool that manages your Instagram account and activity and saves you a lot of time. But you should be mindful of your usage to ensure that you have the best possible experience without getting banned. As long as you’re aware and keeping a balance, you’ll drive engagement without looking suspicious. And you can explore Gram Growth further by signing up for our trial!