GramGrowth FAQs

Have questions? We’re here to answer them!

Common Questions

1. How does GramGrowth help me to gain followers?

GramGrowth will use your IG profile and automatically follow & like Instagram users in your target audience, they will receive a notification saying that you have liked or followed them, and they will then look at your account. If they like your account, they might follow you. If you do this at scale, you begin to see hundreds of new followers a week. 

2. How get started?

To start gaining followers, just click on “New Promotion”:

Get Started: Gain Followers

Then add a username and select the right account from the drop down:

Add New Promotion

Optional: If you want slower results but more engaged users, check this box:

Target Likers and Commenters only.

Once done, click “Add Promotion” and your account will begin running.

Add Promotion

All done!

3. Are the followers real?

Yes, GramGrowth only engages with real accounts, meaning every follower you receive is a real person.

Note: Occasionally GramGrowth will engage with a bot that may follow you, sometimes it is impossible to distinguish the difference. However, this is very rare. 

4. How do I cancel a GramGrowth subscription?

Open your user dashboard and navigate to account setting > Scroll over your email in the top nav bar > Click Setting > Click Billing

5. What features does GramGrowth offer?

GramGrowth offers 4 tools:
Promotion: Automates Likes, Follows, Unfollow, and Commenting. Promotion is great for gaining followers.
Posts: Schedules & Automates posting to Instagram.
Comments: Keep you comments clean with AI that deletes or flags negative comments. 
Direct: Auomtate DMs to new followers, current followers, or lists of followers. Direct is great for engaging with your following. 

6. How much does GramGrowth cost?

Promotion: $14/ Month
Posts: $9/ Month
Comments: $9/ Month
Direct: $19/ Month

7. How to set up unfollowing?

To unfollow, click the yellow button on your account dashboard. The unfollow button is just right of the “New Promotion” button:

Unfollow Button

Once it is open, just select the number of user’s you’d like to unfollow, we recommend 700 to start.

Unfollow Settings

Once done, just click “Start” and your account will cycle between following and unfollowing automatically.

Note: GramGrowth only unfollow users that GramGrowth has followed. 

8. Will GramGrowth unfollow my previous followings?

No, by default GramGrowth will not unfollow anyone it has not followed, meaning your previous following stay completely intact.