Instagram is a free app that allows users to share their photos on many social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc… But is that enough if you want to promote yourself and your business, or is there more to it? Well, you can use Instagram ads too!

When Instagram was bought by Facebook in April 2012, it was initially intended for iOS but then became available to Android users as well. In June of 2013, videos became available which made the possibilities even bigger. And even though Instagram is a young form of social media, it’s influence is probably stronger than you realize. In fact, with Facebook standing behind Instagram, it managed to surpass Twitter’s number of users!

So by the looks of it, the changes and the trends that Instagram brings are influencing and changing our internet and internet media every day. So it’s important to keep Instagram in mind when you’re doing business and keep up with it’s trends. Don’t forget that things move fast as Instagram caters primarily to it’s young audience.

Instagram Ads

There are many advantages to Instagram ads, like:

  • Low CPC (cost-per-click) – Instagram ads are quite cheaper than other types of online advertising.
  • High engagement – with Instagram’s many filters and options, it’s no surprise that most Instagram pictures look really good and drive engagement. Instagram is a highly visual platform and people will want to share good pictures with others when they see them.
  • Build a trusty brand identity – with the help of Instagram Ads, you can create an emotional connection with your desired target group. This will motivate your followers to visit your profile more often and better connect with your brand.
  • Precisely target groups – Instagram targeting is based on Facebook’s algorithms, which have proven to be very accurate. With high Instagram engagement and Facebook’s algorithm, your brand will surely reach all of those who you want to view your product or service.

 Instagram Ads

Types of Instagram ads

  • Image Ads – a type of ads that tells a story through a picture. Each image ad has a link at the bottom that leads the follower to the address specified by the advertiser.
  • Sharing Video Ads is identical to Facebook. The maximum duration of a video ad is 30 seconds.
  • Carousel Ads have the option of showing ads in multiple photos (up to 10 photos).

So although Instagram ads are a relatively new thing and they’re constantly changing, Instagram’s power over advertising and marketing can’t be ignored. People just love Instagram, they love feeling involved with people they follow as well as discovering new photos and people. They like inspiration and inspiring others, sharing posts and tagging friends in them. So why not make that post yours? Use Instagram to get closer to your target audience. Convert them not only to consumers but also to friends and work partners. Advertising, promoting and selling isn’t hard when you have followers who are inspired by you, believe in you, your brand and your product. This is the best way to be noticed and connect with people who are important to you.