Creative ways to use Instagram Carousel Posts

Instagram Carousel Posts

Multiple photos and videos in one post

Instagram came out with yet another new update – it’s now possible to share up to ten photos and videos in a single post. This means you no longer have to choose just one photo or video to post – you can capture the moment more clearly with Instagram carousel posts!

How to use Carousel

From now on when you want to upload a new post to Instagram, you’ll see a ‘’select multiple items’’ icon. By clicking on it, you can select up to 10 photos or videos to share – and you can choose in which order they’re showing up! When you’ve selected your items you can then edit them out individually. By tapping on the individual picture, you can add a filter, emoji or text to it. But the caption that goes below your post will stay the same for all images. The preview image of your post will be the first image that you choose while the others are viewable by swiping to the right. Tagging people is also possible and you can learn more about the technical specifics in the official Facebook guide.

Instagram also provided a few ideas on how to use the Carousel option creatively. You can use it to make a step by step cooking tutorial, show off a fashion collection or the surprise event for someone’s birthday party.

Instagram Carousel Posts

Splitting a big photo into multiple posts also works. When viewing a post like this, the viewer will instantly recognize that this photo is split up and that will prompt them to go through the whole carousel post. This is great for product marketing as it puts the product in front of everything else and it’s proven useful to many brands.

Before and after progress photos

You can share before and after pictures of products that work in real life. This applies to dietary, health and lifestyle products. You can make a before and after progress post about your customers who have lost weight thanks to your product, or maybe show them how that new skin cream that you’re promoting works before and after application. There are so many possibilities!

Instagram Carousel Posts

Share an event

Sharing special events and moments helps us bond with our followers and it can attract new ones. But there’s always the concern of spamming your followers with too many posts which can really turn them away. So using carousel posts solves this problem as well – you can spread out 15 or more pictures in just 2 or 3 posts.

Sharing multiple photos of one event will make the post feel like an album. This is a good way to capture the look and feel of the whole event without posting repetitive pictures.


So really, being able to share multiple photos or videos that show the complete feel and energy of events or products without spamming your followers is such a useful tool. In conclusion, there are more and more possibilities that allow us to share the highlights of our lives. The only problem is that managing posts like these can take a lot of work and time – which is something Gram Growth can help you with!