Have you heard of Combin? Probably not. It’s a new service that has been spending a lot on advertising. We were wondering how it compared to GramGrowth so we signed up to give it a test. Learn the quality of the service, results, and whether or not it’s worth the steep price tag of $30!

Signing up for Combin:

Signup was pretty simple and to be fair they have a great design that makes it a pretty enjoyable on their home page.

Signing up for Combin
Signing up for Combin.

But it’s not all good news. As soon as you enter your email you’ll find out that the service requires you to download and install it on your computer. This is very concerning as the owners of Combin are very secretive and refuse to share who they are. In fact, once our team realized this we went and grabbed one of our team members old computers in order to avoid any kind of virus.

Download an Install:

Once you have downloaded the service the install process is relatively straight forward, aside from the secrecy and the very real concern for viruses. After we downloaded it we came to a screen that we will share with you below.

Connect Instagram Account to Combin
Connect Instagram Account to Combin.

From you will enter your username and password, which we highly recommend not doing. Once entered you’ll find yourself at a page where you have a variety of settings (Linked below as well).

Combin Profile
Combin Profile

After 4 or 5 tries, I lost track, we successfully connected our instagram account. We set the settings to follow, unfollow, and like. We kept an eye on out follower and following count to be sure we could verify that there was activity too. From here we left it for 48 hours. Two days later we came back to check on the results. The account seemed to have followed 20 users in the course of 48 hours. Which from Instagram bot services is very, very slow. We thought maybe it was a fluke and gave it another 48 hours. Again, we came back after two days and found a similar instance. But this time it had only followed 10 users with no apparent new followers or likes on photos.


For a service whose main goal is to get their customers new followers and more engagement on instagram, Combin has failed. Yes it works, but to what level? GramGrowth users experience 1K to 3K new followers every month, a huge jump from 10 – 20 follows a day. In order to get results we expect it will take some time for Combin to get their service in order.

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Check out this article to learn more about instagram bots and how they work. We love this article because it’s honest and points out the true pros and cons of instagram bots. With some work, we believe you can promote an Instagram account effectively and securely.

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