Shadowban, Why You Should Value It!

Instagram logo and ghost showing the shadowban

Numerous Instagrammers, influencers particularly, are grumbling about this new Instagram “Shadowban”. All things considered, I am here to reveal to you why you shouldn’t stress over it, and more importantly why you should value it. Right off the bat, what is it? Instagram’s “Shadowban” results in hidden post/’s from displaying in hashtag feeds. Normally, bloggers […]

Instagress Has Disappeared. Now what? Gram Growth!

Instagress social media superpower.

Instagress is gone. Here’s what to do if you had an account on Instagress? What to do now that Instagress is gone? In the rare event that your Instagram account was connected to their platform, it’s smart to do following for greater account security: 1. Change your Instagram password. 2. Create a new account username if […]