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Instagram bots haven’t gotten the best rap lately, with Instagram’s crackdown and subsequent shut down of many good platforms.

There’s no need to get disheartened, however. There are still numerous IG bots out there with companies working hard to replace what you thought would be irreplaceable.

The hardest part for you is knowing which ones are worth paying money for and which ones are just going to waste your time.

Let’s take a look at some of the best Instagram bots, ranked in order from best to worst in terms of features and safety.

But first, let’s answer the question burning on everybody’s lips:

Are Instagram bots safe?

One of the biggest controversies around Instagram bots is the artificial activation of the bot. Nobody wants their account to be flagged for too much activity – it looks like spam and followers will find your content disingenuous. This is one of the most significant challenges when hunting down a good bot – you want the system to be intelligent enough to grow your following without drawing any negative attention organically.

While it can be hard to resist offers that promise to increase your account into internet stardom seemingly overnight, you’ve got to remember that good things take time. The more natural and loyal you want your community to be, the more gradual you have to make your automated actions look.

One more thing to remember before we dive into our reviews is that you want to maintain control. There are bots out there that work remotely and take complete control of organizing the scheduling on your account, and this only increases you risking the security of your page. The more power you can maintain, the better.

Social Steeze

SocialSteeze is an organic growth service just like Gram Growth, which means they will grow your accounts for you.

Because they don’t think that buying Instagram followers is the correct way to do your promoting, they instead help you build real Instagram followers through their engagement service.

SocialSteeze - How It Works
And, as we know, buying Instagram followers doesn’t help you long-term, this is a great way to learn a thing or two about the marketing side of things and doing it properly without any shortcuts.

Their marketing subscriptions are done on a weekly basis. They are surprisingly affordable considering their authenticity and commitment to creating genuine marketing for your Instagram.

SocialSteeze Pricing


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